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Innovation Partners Institute is driven to create impact. We work collaboratively to bring novel solutions to challenging community problems. For more information, view our active projects.

Tackling the Problem of Broadband Access in Rural Areas to Support E-learning

Rural Americans have struggled with access to broadband for decades, and the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of reliable, high-speed access as millions have had to work and learn from home. Connectivity to the internet has become critical infrastructure that in the “new normal,” and has profound effects on one’s long term socioeconomic potential and quality of life. Learn More

Developing a web application to reduce the spread of Covid-19 through monitoring and education

In light of Covid-19 and given the potential for other infectious disease outbreaks, Innovation Partners Institute has launched a program to help schools and companies manage students, employees, and visitors to limit and reduce the spread of disease within close-contact populations. Learn More

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